UTS Hockey Club
Pre-Season Fitness Training

Pre-Season Fitness Training

By In News On 19th January 2017

Sundays 29 Jan, 5 Feb, 12 Feb 19 Feb, 6:00-8:00pm
Glover Street Sports Ground, at the end of Glover St, Lilyfield
(Plenty of parking at the end of Glover Street, or easy 1km walk from Leichhardt North Light Rail station)

Thursday Turf Training to commence Feb 16 at Pitch 2, Sydney Olympic Park.
Session Times TBA

And here’s a note from the new Club Coach:

What is winning worth to you? I’m sure 99% of us are not playing hockey to lose every week. If you are sick of losing games then this is your chance to do something about it. 

Pre-Season training is the key to success for every sports team. It sets the tone, attitude and mindset for the season ahead.

If you want to be successful this year then 29th of January is where it starts!

This year’s pre season will not be based around kilometres of tortuous running.

We will be working on improving your overall athletic ability and work capacity.

It will focus on improving your speed, strength, coordination, mobility, flexibility, and decision making.

There will also be an emphasis on injury prevention and rehab.

If you’ve been playing the last few seasons with sore knees, ankles, shoulders or lower back then pre-season is where we will fix it so you can perform at a high level and pain free all year!

Prepare your mind and body to win!!

See you at training – Deven